David Banner Reschedules Chicago Rally Supporting Youth

AllHipHop Staff

Jackson, Mississippi Hip-Hop artist David Banner has announced that a planned community rally has been postponed due to safety issues related to the unanticipated number of people who will attend the event.

Banner’s Heal The Hood Foundation was to hold the Something’s Wrong Community Rally today (October 20) as a response to the growing violence amongst youth in Chicago’s streets.

According to Banner, the event was supposed to attract almost 700 people but demand to attend the event was so strong, that the rally was postponed to accommodate the swell of new people.

"This is a movement not to condemn kids or any organizations but the safety of the kids is my biggest concern, we want to stay on task and continue what we’ve started, we want everyone to have the opportunity to contribute," Banner said in a statement.

Artists expected to participate in David Banner’s Something’s Wrong Community Rally include Twista, Malik Yusef, Naledge, Tiffany of Bad Girls Club and J-Niice of B-96.

The goal of the event is to develop solutions to the problem of youth and gang violence and how unity can be fostered throughout various neighborhoods in Chicago.