David Banner To Be Honored At Mississippi's Best Awards

Rapper's David

Banner and Kamikaze (Crooked Lettaz) will be honored during the Mississippi's

Best Awards, scheduled to take place Saturday, Oct. 28 at the TelCom Center in

downtown Jackson.Over

1500 nomination ballots were received for the event, which honors natives of the

state for their excellence and achievements in various. Banner and Kamikaze will

be presented with the Best of the Best award, which is one of the five “Committee’s

Choice” awards."It's

an honor to be recognized by your home," David Banner told AllHipHop.com.

"It's similar to your father saying he's proud of you."

“The people of

the state are rallying around the project," added Cyrus A. Webb,31, the event’s

founder and the Chief Communications Director. "With so many stereotypes

and prejudices against Mississippians, they are glad to see something good making

the news.”Other

natives of Mississippi being honored include Oprah Winfrey, Willie Mosely Jr.,

Marshall Ramsey and Morgan Freeman. Guest

presenters include Tchula Mayor Yvonne Brown, Ben Allen (Jackson Cit Council President),

Miss Mississippi Taryn Foshee and others.