Dayton Family's Bootleg Goes In On Michigan Governor

AllHipHop Staff

Dayton Family group member Bootleg isn't feeling the political shenanigans happening in Flint, Michigan.

(AllHipHop News) Veteran hip-hop group The Dayton Family is fed up with the political process in Flint, Michigan.

Group member Bootleg released a scathing diss song to address the political turmoil currently happening in Flint.

Last week, an effort was launched to recall Flint Mayor, Karen Weaver.

Bootleg, born Ira Dorsey, wasn't feeling the criticism and released a track in support of Mayor Weaver called "City of Lead."

Bootleg believes the efforts to recall Mayor Weaver is a distraction, from the bigger issue surrounding the ongoing crisis with lead in Flint's water supply.

During an interview with, Bootleg said his mother and brother have been forced to drink bottled water ever since the crisis began in 2014.

Take a listen to "City of Lead."