Daz Announces 12 Finalists In 'DPG Idols' Search

In November of 2005,

rapper/producer Daz Dillinger, Kurupt and Arnold White announced they were launching

DPG Idols, a TV and online reality show that is seeking new artists to be included

in the group DPGC.

The contestants have been narrowed down to 12 finalists that

represent different regions of the United States.

The finalists are Liquid Bonez, Ebzar, Dotcom, Lix, Meko, Chaotic,

J Tripz, Mally Geez, Dangerous Rob, Brian Taylor, Loose Canon, and Pain.

DPG Idols will be televised on DPG Television as well as streamed

on the internet as webisodes.

“We want DPG to continue to live on. We know that we need

some fresh new faces and new talent to bring the fire back into the group,"

Daz explained to AllHipHop.com. “Yes there will be drama, but our contest

has a learning element that I don't think other reality shows have. We are actually

training all the artists, [if] they make it or not, to be business savvy [and]

artistically developed.”

Audience members will be able to participate in the grueling

competition as they are invited to suggest missions, vote members off, and even

get to give feed back live.

While contestants will be faced with seemingly impossible missions and the most

eccentric methods of challenges, DPG maintains that each artist will walk away

with solid skills and will make valuable connections with industry leaders.

The winner of contest

will join DPGC family, as well as, win a record label deal.

DPG Idols will begin airing February 2006 and can be seen on http://www.d-p-g-c.com.