Daz, FrattHouse Target 2010 for New Movie/Soundtrack

Just one month after releasing the joint LP Get That Paper, Daz Dillinger and the new group FrattHouse have confirmed a new album and soundtrack named FrattHouse University for 2010.

FrattHouse is comprised of the duo E-Money (cousin to Snoop and Daz) and GB (son of RBX).

The movie follows the pair as they enter college and attempt to promote their music while juggling parties and academics.

“The movie just kind of wrote itself, sitting around watching FrattHouse interact with their folks is true entertainment,” explained executive producer Relic Entertainment CEO Damion Smith.

The soundtrack will feature guest spots from Tha Dogg Pound, Mac Shawn 100, G. Malone, and Big Steele.

Production work was handled by Soopafly, DJ AK, and G-Flow.

Even with a strong influence from their Long Beach predecessors, FrattHouse believes their sound is accessible to fans nationwide.

“People of all ages are going to like our music. It's tight and the hooks are catchy. We've got mass appeal,” E Money stated. "We're picking up the torch and taking it to another level."

"We're the reincarnation of Daz and Kurupt, maybe a little worse,” quipped GB.

At press time, the Fratthouse University movie and soundtrack will be released in Summer 2010.