Daz Has A Message For Suge Knight

Just one day after being released from prison,

Suge Knight's release has already sparked some controversy, in the form of a

message delivered to Knight from former Death Row Records artist, Daz Dillinger.

"You f*ggot ass n*gga finally you get outta

jail," Daz said on an audio statement posted on his website, DPGRecordz.com.

"They stuffed your b*tch ass up already up in jail n*gga. You know when

you get out here n*gga in these streets some vicious stuff gonna happen. We

gonna kill your big fat ass."

Over a well produced track, Daz stated that any

rapper that recorded or worked with Suge Knight would feel his wrath.

He also had an ominous message for new Aftermath

Entertainment artist Game, who is from Knight's hometown of Compton, California.

"What I think he gonna do is get at the

n*gga Game, cause he's from Compton," Daz said. "Game Get your pistol.

F*ggot ass n*gga, welcome home."

Daz recently revealed that the differences between

him and Nate Dogg have been pushed aside and the two recorded "The Road

We Travel," which will be featured on Daz' upcoming So So Def release,

So So Gangsta.

In addition to touring with Snoop, he will drop

a CD for producers titled Samplin 2 Da Beat Of Da Drum, a new DPG mixtape

and a gospel album featuring his mother.