Daz/Holloway House Giveaway Free CD's With Donald Goines Books

West coast veteran

Daz of Tha Dogg Pound and Holloway House have teamed for a promotion to give away

copies of Daz' latest Virgin/So So Def release So So Gangsta with every

purchase of a novel by legendary author Donald Goines.Fans

of "gangsta rap" and street literature will receive a copy of the rapper's

latest album for free, any time one of Goines' sixteen influential novels are

purchased. Goines,

who was murdered in October of 1974, has influenced countless rap artists through

novels such as "Black Girl Lost," "Black Gangster," and "Street


Two of his works, "Crime Partners" and "Never Die Alone,"

were turned into movies that featured rappers who are fans of his works, including

DMX, Snoop Dogg and Ice-T. In

related news, Daz is currently working on two new movies."I

got a movie Go Hard that I’m producing with Snoop and Kurupt and DJ Pooh

[Friday, The Wash, 3 Strikes]coming soon," Daz told

AllHipHop.com in a recent interview. "I got another movie coming out called

My Summer Production with Ice Cube and the trailer to the movie is included

on the disc for the album. We just hustlin’ for real."The

first video from So So Gangsta is titled "On Some Real," which features

Miami rapper Rick Ross. So

So Gangsta features production by Daz, Scott Storch, Jermaine Dupri, No ID and

L-Roc, as well as guest appearances by The Clipse, Nate Dogg, Young Buck, Redman,

Jagged Edge, Da Brat and others. . The

album is scheduled to hit stores on Sept. 12. For more information visit http://www.sosogangsta.com

or http://www.hollowayhousebooks.com.