DC Young Fly Speaks On Method Man & Redman Not Appearing In 'How High 2'

The comedian says the sequel is building a bridge from the young generation to the old generation.

(AllHipHop News) Many Method Man and Redman fans are pissed that the two Hip Hop legends are not involved in How High 2. Meth and Red starred in the original 2001 version, and a large number of their followers find it nearly sacrilegious that MTV would make a sequel without them.

One of the actors in the upcoming made-for-TV movie spoke toTMZ about the omission of the originators. DC Young Fly stated, "I'm disappointed [they're not in the movie]... I ain't reach out [to Meth and Red]. Business is business. You just wish people were apart of it. Every day I was like, 'Is they coming? Is they gonna be here?'"

Apparently, business did play a part in the new direction for How High 2. In a recent interview with Grass Routes Podcast, Redman discussed being left out of the process for the new film.

"The head of Universal [Pictures] and the people that we were connected with about shooting How High 2, they were unaware. What happened is that a branch that’s under Universal decided [they were] going to shoot this movie. They did not need permission from us because we didn’t own the rights to How High," said Red.

How High 2 will also feature Lil Yachty in a main role with DeRay Davis and Lil Baby playing characters as well. According to DC, yet another edition is already in the works. There's no word whether Method Man and Redman will appear in the potential third movie.

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