De La Soul To 'Take Back TV'

Hip-Hop veterans De

La Soul have teamed up with Fishbone, Suffrajet, Slum Village, Rich Medina, and

others in an effort to “Take Back TV.”

“The Take Back TV” rally/concert will take place in New York City

and is spearheaded by Current TV to empower young adults to become more creative

in selecting programming for the network.

Current TV is the network founded by former Vice-President of the United States,

Al Gore.

The free performances and "Take Back TV" rally will

be a public outreach effort aimed at furthering viewer participation. The network

is even encouraging audience members to bring their own cameras to the park.

Following the New York City performance, the campaign will travel to Philadelphia


October 20, for a performance at the North West corner of City Hall.

The New York City

concert is scheduled to be held in Central Park on October 6th and the concert

starts at 9pm. Tickets are free for both events.

For more information and directions, log onto: