DEA Seized $55,000 From Doughboy Roc Just Before His Murder

AllHipHop Staff

Was Doughboy Roc assassinated over drugs? The police are trying to find out. Read more.

(AllHipHop News) DEA agents were investigating rapper Doughboy Roc, just before he was fatally gunned down in Detroit on Monday, (October 10).

The 29-year-old rapper was shot down by unknown assailants on the city’s Westside.

According to court records unsealed by The Detroit News , federal agents caught Doughboy Roc at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, with over $55,000 in cash.

The feds seized the money, which was found in Doughboy Roc’s luggage as he was boarding a flight to Arizona.

Police claimed they seized the funds because they believed the cash was linked to a drug deal, although Doughboy Roc’s attorney strongly denied those allegations.

Doughboy Roc’s attorney, Ivan Land, said that Doughboy Roc was simply going to Arizona to purchase a car.

“My client was not a drug dealer,“ Ivan Land told The Detroit Daily News. “He was a successful artist.“

The rapper filed a lawsuit to have the money returned to him, but he was killed before he could ever see the verdict.