dead prez Arrest Update

According to dead prez group member M1, the entire

group was arrested and charged with simple assault after authorities accused them

of causing a disturbance on a United Airlines flight.

"It's still pending on what's going to happen

and even as to what the charges are," M1 told "But

simply put we were attacked, we were harassed while we were at the airport.

"We were arrested. I can't get into details,

but we will have more details by the end of the week. I don't want to get too

involved premature because this is still pending."

Authorities claim the group was leaving O'Hare

Airport in Chicago, Illinois destined for New York on the 1:50 PM flight.

A flight attendant accused the group of refusing

to turn off their radios once they were on board the flight.

Harris DeJesus aka "D-Don" and the

group's DJ, Umi Bem Niilampti were also arrested and charged with the same offense.

All are scheduled to appear in court May 5.