Dead Prez Filing Lawsuit Against NYPD

Hip-Hop group dead prez is filing a lawsuit against the NYPD, after being arrested and detained in September.According to dead prez, police approached them and group A-Alikes as they took photographs in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York.The officers allegedly failed to provide a valid reason for requesting ID and the group refused to produce identification. Officers called for backup and arrested and detained the group."I was harassed and attacked by the police in my neighborhood," Stic said. "There were no complaints and I wasn't violating any laws."According to the groups lawyer, Attorney Kamau Karl Franklin, there are no state or federal laws that deem it unlawful for a person to question or deny the demand for identification by a law enforcement officer."Even if we walk away with monetary compensation, which we're almost guaranteed given the illegal detention, it's important to be an example to other victims of police brutality, be they recording artists or everyday."Dead prez, along with A-Alikes, the People's Army and other fellow Hip-Hop artists are organizing a call amongst New York attorneys, community leaders, political activists, musicians and supporters.The group will hold a press conference on October 29, before entering court.