Dead Prez Headlines 'Bigger Than Hip-Hop' Tour In The UK

Dead Prez will head to the UK later this month to headline the "The Bigger than Hip-Hop Tour" to raise money for charity.

The event organizers have been working closely with groups that are speaking out for human rights, issues on the war in Iraq, as well as equality and justice.

The event has been organized independently and is aiming to incorporate political awareness and charity fundraising by hosting a Hip-Hop tour.

The tour will also showcase various UK artists, including Blak Twang, Klashnekoff, 1Xtra's Rodney P and Skitz as well as many other underground acts and DJ's.

"The participation of all these organizations is testament to the need for more community activism," tour organizer Kate Glinsman said. "It is crucial that this generation understand the philosophy and guiding principles behind positive action to create a united and progressive society. It's about more than music, but it's a great place to start."

The tour will commence on April 27 and will end in London on May 4.

A third of the money raised will go to charities like "Justice for Colombia" and "AfriKids" - a charity working in the eastern region of Ghana that aspires to improve the quality of life of children by providing education and health care.

"Love Music, Hate Racism," a UK organization will also be supporting the event and will introduce key speakers to spread the message and awareness of anti-racism.

They will be urging people to vote against the British right wing political party, "British National Party" at the next UK elections.