Dead prez, Others Want To 'Free Your Hood'

Malcolm X Grassroots

Movement and the Free Your Hood Coalition have teamed up with other grass roots

organizations and artists to take a stand against police terrorism.

The “Free Your Hood”

campaign will release a documentary that is geared towards shedding light on

the issue of police brutality in the Black and Latino community.

Artists such as dead prez

and others will share their experiences in an edutaining documentary that will

recall the accounts of personal experiences dealing with police terrorism.

“This is the most necessary [project] in the game," M1 of dead prez

explained. “It’s hood reality. It explains with revolutionary clarity

the situation black and brown people are in… and how we’re going

to get out!"

Other artists featured

on the mixtape project are John Legend, Jaguar Wright, Treach from Naughty By

Nature, Immortal Technique, A-Alikes and many others.

In continued efforts to not only raise awareness but keep the focus continuing,

the Free Your Hood movement has also planned to launch a newsletter called the

People’s Post containing articles on various social issues such as gentrification,

housing problems, and the prison industry that will be available to the public.