Dead Prez Preps New Mixtape, Launch Label

Revolutionary rap

group dead prez is preparing to drop a mixtape, Get Free Or Die Trying,

and has launched their own label, Boss Up (B.U.)

"We did that

mixtape in two weeks," stic told "We are flooding the

hood with this RBG sh*t uncut, straight off the press, not trying to tweak it

with any bullsh*t. We letting em know how n*ggas feel."

Stic said that

because he and group member m1 are free from any major label obligations at

the moment, they wanted to take the opportunity to release uncensored material.

"This sh*t

is just like we don't give a f*ck," stic continued. "We love the people

and we are trying inspire our peers."

At the same time,

the group's label will focus on releasing and producing their own material and

will play an important role in the groups future.

"We are negotiating

with labels now. Whatever we do is coming out as a partnership from now on.

That don't mean pimpin aint going on, but it does mean that field n*ggas are

taking over the field."

Stic confirmed

rumors that had been floating around and verified that the group is in negotiations

with Sean "P.Diddy" Combs' Bad Boy record label, as well as several

other major record companies.

"It's taking

so long because we are trying to make revolutionary changes in the contracts.

The label is to produce ourselves so there is less pimpin goin on."

In addition to

the label and the album, the group has partnered with The

Stolen Lives Project.

The Stolen Lives

Project documents police brutality and murder nationwide. dead prez will participate

in the soon to be released video version of the book.

"The book

is so thick, documenting unjustified murders committed by the pigs man, we gotta

help stop all that."

The group is also

working with the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

in helping organize a "people's self defense" campaign, which is aimed

at teaching people how to protect their neighborhoods.

Get Free Or

Die Trying hits stores on October 21.