Death Row Continues To Taunt Snoop


Knight's Death Row records continues to throw

blows at Snoop Dogg. The latest round comes via the Death

Row website, which features a flash intro with artist

Jayo Felony. The intro features Jayo's face, stating that

he is wanted by Death Row to become an inmate for "Showing

Bitch-Ass Snoop that it takes more than a couple of Rent-A-Crips

to be a real Gangsta."

This raises speculation that Jayo Felony will sign with

Death Row Records, who already have a roster of talented

new artists that include Crooked I, SKG, J Valentine and

West Coast legends, Above The Law. Jayo is a free agent,

after being released from his contract with Def Jam/Universal.

He recently recorded a song for the Henchman/Universal Release,

Bulletproof Love, titled "True'd Up (The Crip Anthem),"

which contains several disses to Jay-Z. While shooting a

video in Brooklyn earlier

this month, gun play broke out, when police spotted

two men firing pistols in the air.


snitched to [Def Jam head Lyor Cohen] and tried to keep

the song from being put out," Jayo told MTV. "We got calls

from Lyor and everybody about not putting this record out.

I feel like this: If we're on the streets, keep it on the

streets. Don't go to the higher-ups." Those comments were

in response to Jay-Z allegedly trying to keep his song off

of the Bulletproof Love compilation, which will be

distributed by the same parent label as Roc-A-Fella, Universal.

Jayo Felony

also had some unkind words to say about Snoop, on an upcoming

song titled "Crip-Hop."

"I'm tired

of these bitch ass Gangsta's talkin bout it, but not being

bout it. Much respect to my Nigga Suge and Death Row Records

for keeping the game real" Jayo Felony said.

As we stated

earlier, Suge is releasing what has been dubbed a "Comedic

Look" at the relationship between Jennifer Lopez and

Sean Combs. To see the box cover, Click