Deathrow Comes To The Big Screen


Records continues

to make news headlines. The rise and fall of Deathrow has been

chronicled for the big screen, and will be shown February 2nd

at the Hollywood Black Film Festival in Los Angeles.

The movie, titled

Welcome To Deathrow, is not authorized by Deathrow and

no input from Suge Knight or any Deathrow employees were sought

after. The movie was filmed by Xenon Pictures CEO S. Leigh Savidge.

He told Billboard that those he contacted in regards to input

for the movie fell into two categories: "Those that made

out like bandits, aren't talking, and want the story to become

buried history and those who are still stunned by Death Row's

astonishing success but who were humbled, misused, or simply relieved

to have survived the experience."

The movie also attempts

to shed light on Michael Harris and his role and initial investment

in the company. Michael Harris was a known drug dealer who is

now doing prison time. He still maintains connections in the music

business through his wife and business partner.

This isn't the first time that the story of Deathrow has met the

mainstream media. Journalist Ronin Ro also chronicled the Deathrow

story in his book, Have Gun Will Travel.