Deceased Rapper Mausberg To Be Honored

The L.A. Black Business Expo & Trade Show

& Black Entertainment Magazine will honor late rapper Mausberg with a "Fallen

Star" award.

Mausberg was gunned down in July 2000, after

he finished recording his debut CD "Non Fiction" with D.J. Quik. "He

was to me what Biggie was to Puff, he had such a powerful persona. He helped

me focus," Quik told "I never met a person with so

much energy, I aint never met a person like him. I wish I could have been there

that night. For the ni**as that think they did something for killing him they

failed, cause he is going to live forever."

The three day Expo will also induct West Coast

pioneers Eazy E, Mellow Man Ace into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame and Edutainment

Centers at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Ruthless Records' recording artists

Bone Thugs -N- Harmony will perform at the event, and Ruthless alumni executive

Jerry Heller will make an address.

The Expo runs from September 6-8th, drawing almost

100,000 visitors.