Deceased Sporty Thiev Lives Through His Music


Marlon Brandoe

of the Sporty Thievz was killed by a drunk driver earlier

this year, he will live on through his music. The remaining

members of the Sporty Thievz plan to release a double

album, Sporty Thievz Forever, on Stealburg Records,

the groups independent label.


second disc will be Brandoe solo effort, The Holy

Soldier. Group member Dubez says the group plans

to keep Brandoe's music alive because, not only was

he talented, but he had a newborn son, Marlon Jr., who

needs financial support. "Marlon lives on through

his brand new son Marlon Jr., and will forever live

on with and through Sporty Thievz," Dubez said.


joined the Thievz in 1996 and was a founding member

of the group.


note: During an on-air freestyle on New York's Hot 97,

the Thievz were nothing but fire on the mic and we were

very impressed with the heat that came scorching through

the speakers. Whew!