Def Jam And Congo Room Hit With Lawsuit

Def Jam and popular Latin dance club Conga Room,

which is co-owned by Jennifer Lopez, were hit with a lawsuit by the mother of

a shooting victim who claims there wasn't enough security at the party where

he was shot and killed.

Jerry Bonds, who was also a suspect in the murder

of Tupac Shakur, was slain at approximately 11:45 pm inside The Conga Room,

which is located in Los Angeles' Miracle Mile district.

Police say there were about 200 to 300 people

in the club when the gunman shot the victim on the second floor. The gunman

fled the scene.

Police have no description of the gunman and

did not recover the weapon, believed to be a semiautomatic pistol.

Bonds' mother, Beverly Jackson, filed a wrongful

death lawsuit, seeking damages from the label.

Invitations sent out were from the National Turntablist

Association. The event was described as a listening party for LL Cool J.

Def Jam has maintained that they were not the

sponsor of the event and that the promoters used their name and artists without