Defense Attorney's Seeking New Trial For C-Murder

Defense attorney's

for convicted rapper C-Murder will make a motion for a new trial in a matter of

weeks, after the rapper was convicted of murdering a 16-year-old teen in a Jefferson

Parish, Louisiana night club.

The jury that convicted

the rapper was called back into the court house to meet behind closed doors

with the attorneys on both sides and Judge Martha Sassone.

Attorney's nor

jurors are allowed to speak about the case because of a court imposed gag order.

The move is unusual because after a conviction, jurors and attorneys are allowed

to speak to reporters and attorneys.

For some reason,

Sassone has yet to lift the gag order pertaining to the case.

Miller was unanimously

convicted by the jury on September 30 of shooting 16-year-old Steve Thomas to

death inside of Club Platinum.

Miller is facing

a mandatory life sentence.