Del, Tame One Team For 'Parallel Uni-Verses' LP

AllHipHop Staff

Hieroglyphics founder Del Tha Funky Homosapien has teamed with Artifacts member Tame One to create a brand new album titled Parallel Uni-Verses.

Newark, New Jersey native Tame One is best known for his role as one-half of The Artifacts, in addition to his involvement with underground super groups The Weathermen and the Leak Brothers.

Oakland bred rapper Del and Tame first met almost 16-years-ago, through a mutual love of the “party life” on the road.

The pair kept in touch throughout out the years, resulting in Parallel Uni-Verses, a ten-track effort produced by producer Parallel Thought.

"Man, I ain't even gonna be egotistical like that and try to say that we are trying to usher in some new revival of whatever," Del told “However, he adds, "I'm a say this: we are the element that is missing, not [just] because I said so. That's what's up; we didn't sell out for all the luxury and monetary gains. The original ways, we kept at and built upon those."

Tame One promised fans the album will stand out over contemporary releases, “because of the sonic quality and clarity of the samples and our vocal performances."

“I have always been impressed by his [Del] wordplay and originality. Rap-wise, neither of us use words only because they rhyme; I believe we both utilize substance as opposed to nonsense,” Tame One said.

Parallel Uni-Verses is slated to hit stores later this year on Gold Dust Media.