Denzel Curry Drops The First Act Of His Three-Part 'TA1300' Album

Check out four songs from the Floridian's latest LP.

(AllHipHop News) Carol City spitter Denzel Curry is taking a page from his "No Wave" collaborator IDK. Last year, IDK released his IWasVeryBad project in three parts. Curry is now using the same tactic with TA13OO.

Act 1 of TA13OO landed today (July 25). The first installment - titled LIGHT - includes four tracks: "TABOO," "BLACK BALLOONS," "CASH MANIAC," and "SUMO."

Denzel will be letting loose the other segments over the next two days. Act 2: GRAY drops on July 26 and Act 3: DARK hits the internet on July 27.

TA13OO is the third studio LP in the 23-year-old's discography. A deluxe bundle is available for pre-order. The package includes the album, a limited edition picturedisc, t-shirt, bandanna, and hat.

Curry caught a lot of people's attention with the "Clout Cobain" video when it was uploaded to YouTube on July 11. The song/visuals are an artistic commentary on fame, depression, and social media.