Designer Says Soulja Boy, S.O.D. Money Gang Stole 'Code of Honor'

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Soulja Boy, artist JBar, Arab and Soulja Boy's S.O.D. Money Gang Entertainment are being sued by a clothing designer who claims the rapper stole his slogan and used it for his "gang."The lawsuit, which was filed in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan on Friday (July 30th), claims that Soulja Boy, JBar and others stole the S.O.D. Money Gang "code of honor" used by group members. Clement Brown Jr., who owns the clothing line Laundry Money, claims that Soulja Boy and crew stole the copyrighted verbiage that was originally featured on T-Shirts from his Laundry Money Clothing Line.According to the lawsuit, Laundry Money's slogan, which was copyrighted in 2008 reads:"grind…hustle hard…double up…flip…stack…get your weight up…save…cop…invest…re-cop…reinvest….buy property…network…build credit…stay determined…"Lawyers for Brown claim that Soulja Boy's "code of honor" is actually his copyrighted work. According to the lawsuit, Soulja Boy merely added lines to the slogan:"Grind..Hustle..Double Up..Flip..Stack..Get Yo Weight Up..Save..Shop..Invest..Recoup.Own Your Own Business..Buy Property..Network..Build Credit..Stay Determined..Stay Focused..Stay Dedicated..Never Lie To your Higher Authority..Have Goals..Always Remember money First…Gang Color Yellow and Green…Never Snitch..etc…"Jeffery P. Thennisch, who is representing Brown and Laundry Money, even points to evidence on Soulja Boy's body. The Pontiac, Michigan-based lawyer revealed the rapper has a portion of the slogan permanently tattooed across his chest. Additionally, lawyers noted a website posting from Soulja Boy, born Deandre Cortez Way, referring to the slogan as his "code of honor," in addition to providing a photo of the tattoo from a photo shoot the rapper did with Urban Ink. Clement Brown Jr. and Laundry Money seek an unknown amount in damages for loss of sales, lost profits, loss of good will, copyright infringement and injunction to prevent the further use of the slogan.