Desiigner: Nicki Minaj’s New Music Ain’t F*cking With Cardi B’s Music

The BK rapper shows love to his counterpart from The Bronx.

(AllHipHop News) Desiigner is working to push back against the stigma that he's a one-hit wonder. The Pusha T protégé released his 7-track L.O.D. EP on May 4.

As part of the project’s roll-out, Desiigner sat down with Rob Markman for Genius. The 21-year-old “Panda” hitmaker talked about L.O.D., but he also shared his thoughts on new music from Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

“Cardi B got some fire. I heard Nicki’s ‘Chun-Li.’ I heard ‘Barbie Tingz.’ It ain’t f-cking with Cardi B’s sh-t,” said Desiigner. He added, ‘I love Nicki’s records. I like it, but it ain’t f-cking with Cardi B.”

Minaj released the music videos for “Chun-Li” and “Barbie Tingz” last Friday. Cardi’s Invasion of Privacy album hit the internet in April. The record-breaking chart topper includes the Top 20 songs “Bodak Yellow,” “Bartier Cardi,” “Be Careful,” and “I Like It.”

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj were seen in pictures together at this year's Met Gala. The photos ignited conversations on social media about the "MotorSport" collaborators potentially settling any issues they may have between them.