Details Emerge On Canibus' Pay-Per-View Battle Royal; Headlines vs. Dizaster On June 9

(AllHipHop News) Famed as participating in one of the most historic MC battles in the history of Hip-Hop as he attacked LL Cool J with a lyrical arsenal, Canibus is back at it again as he headlines the "Fresh Coast Vendetta: Battle Royale", sponsored by King of the Dot.

Details for the event include its live broadcast pitting Canibus against an MC named Dizaster, who has faced some of the most well respected and seasoned battle MCs in the game.

Some fans of rap battles might remember the historic battle between former Ruff Ryder, Jin, and Dizaster back in 2009, but this one is even more hyped with Pay-Per View on the bill.

For those unable to make the live showdown, the event will also be available live via the KOTD Ustream channel in association with Pay-Per View.

There will also be a chat where participants can interact with fans from across the world, live as the battles happen. The event is also set to feature exclusive interviews and two camera angles with a live editor on site.

“You better come with some f**king bars! I don’t want to hear no f**king excuses when this sh*t ‘s f**king over; no excuses! This is your chance to prove yourself homey. That’s the great thing about Hip-Hop. That if you get blackballed, that if any stupid s**t happens to you in Hip-Hop, no matter what somebody says to you at the end of the day the power of the word is what remains.

"So you can save yourself, because ain't nothing going to hold me back from doing what I gotta f*cking do to you bro. That’s it, ain't nothing going to save you. Nothing—see you in Disneyland bro!” Dizaster said, threatening Canibus.

Gaining notoriety from a beef stemming from the "4,3,2,1" track featuring DMX, Redman, Method Man and LL Cool J, Canibus made his mark on the game with the "2nd Round KO" diss track directed at LL, after the two started beefing over a line in Canibus' verse on the track's original version.

Referencing LL Cool's famous mic tattoo, which LL clearly wasnt too fond of, the song ushered in the "beef," and subsequently Hip-Hop history was made. Canibus has since been regarded as one of the premiere battle MCs of all time, and their duel is often remembered when recounting classic Hip-Hop battles.

For more info on the event and to tune in June 9, visit KOTD's Ustream page. Below is a trailer for the main battle between Canibus and Dizaster.