Details In Soulja Slim Shooting


James "Soulja Slim" Tapp was shot and killed yesterday (November 26) in front of his mothers house in New Orleans. Police are investigating a number of leads in the killing, but have yet to charge anyone in connection with the crime.

by Nolan Strong

"Slim was wildin’ out, he was on X (Ecstasy) hard," a source told

"He was out at a club on the West Bank. Someone said something like f*ck

Magnolia (Magnolia projects in New Orleans), then all of Magnolia busted em up. The dude that got jumped has been walking around with a vest on all week, looking for Slim." In addition to that incident, Slim allegedly got into an altercation at a club in Mississippi.

The source said that a man was in the V.I.P. area of an unnamed club. Slim didn’t recognize the man and apparently struck him, before being thrown out of the club.

In another similar altercation in a club in Miami, Slim was allegedly involved in an altercation and took a man’s jewelry. According to the source, there was also an altercation at a New Orlean’s gas station.

"This aint no bullsh*t," the source continued. "Slim must have forgot something, because he ran back into his mother’s house and left his truck running. The dude walked up in all black from the side of the house and shot him 5 times in the head. This was a hit. Whoever did this had to have done it before. Slim was one of the realest n*ggas on the streets. B.G. and Juvenile and all the local rappers are planning to do a tribute concert for him on Friday. All this violence has got to stop. Kids see these big time rappers beefin and think that it’s ok for them to do the same thing."