Detroit Hit Squad Covered in New History Channel Doc

AllHipHop Staff

Tonight (March 2), the History Channel will showcase the story of the Best Friends gang, a contract-based “black mafia” hit squad and drug cartel from Detroit.

According to federal authorities, the organization was the first criminal enterprise to take over the I-75 corridor, which was the route for drug shipments from Miami to Detroit.

The organization was run by Richard "Maserati Rick" Carter and his best friend Demetrius Holloway.

Running their operations under the McDonald’s fast-food business model, the group was able to expand their drug trafficking to over 50 cities nationwide.

The murders tied to the Best Friends exceeds over 100 known hits, and allegedly almost included mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, but was aborted at the last minute.

“The Best Friends were responsible for the most contract murders in the city of Detroit since Al ‘Scarface’ Capone’s Detroit-based hit squad the Purple Gang,” the Gangland documentary states. “The Best Friends single-handedly turned Detroit into the Murder Capital of the United States.”

One associate featured in the documentary who did not descend into the group’s sea of violence is Brian “Champtown” Harmon, a veteran Detroit musician who chose a career in Hip-Hop over pursuing a life of crime.

“I played in the sandbox with members of the Best Friends,” Harmon explained to “So it was very easy for me to join that gang. But I didn’t.”

Today, Harmon tours with Kid Rock, speaks to at-risk inner city youth, and handles DJ duties for Cabo Wabo Radio, owned by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Sammy Hagar.

In addition, he runs his own label Straight Jacket and teaches at the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Champtown’s new album is available for free download at The Best Friends Gangland episode airs tonight on the History Channel at 9PM.