Diane Keaton Goes Hip-Hop, Wants To Work With Kanye, Jay-Z

(AllHipHop News) Actress Diane Keaton is considering a career in Hip-Hop, after her appearance with 50 Cent in the new movie Morning Glory, which hit theaters on Friday (November 10th). Morning Glory, which features a variety of celebrities, also stars Harrison Ford, Rachel McAdams and Patrick Wilson. The movie centers around a TV morning show host named "Colleen Peck," who takes on outrageous assignments to stay on the air. In the movie, Diane Keaton, 64, busts a rap alongside Queens, New York rapper/actor/mogul, 50 Cent.While she labeled the experience "humiliating," Keaton stated that she wanted to record some tracks with Kayne West and 50 Cent. "I do have a daughter who is 15, and that made it even more humiliating because she thought I was just such an idiot. And she wasn't wrong," Diane Keaton told the Associated Press. "That's my rap debut and that's the end of me as a rapper. I won't be working with Kanye, or Jay-Z. They have not called. I would like to. I'm available, guys."Morning Glory is currently the 5th most popular movie in the country, after grossing over $9 million in box office receipts over the weekend.