Dice Game Made Popular By Rappers Coming To Casinos

The Gameologist Group, an Atlantic City based company,

is in the process of introducing C-Lo , a game of chance using dice into casinos


The game was made popular by various Hip-Hop

artists who play the game and frequently mention it in their rhymes.

"We have had this game trademarked for about

two years," Gameologist founder Jeff McGill told AllHipHop.com. "That's

all we play in the hood. I live in Atlantic City and I was working at the casino

at the same time. I see it everyday and they get that money in there. I said

I need to be on the other side."

The table game, which is the same size of a standard

craps table, is being looked at by the Borgata in Atlantic City, a newly built

hotel and casino.

Three dice are rolled at one time. 1-2-3 is an

automatic loss, while 4-5-6 (Kool G. Rap named his classic 1995 album 4-5-6

after the winning roll) is an automatic win. Doubles cancel each other out

and the remaining die is the shooters score.

McGill, 32, said that he leases the game to the

casinos to earn his money from the game he owns the legal rights to. He

created a scratch card version of the game as well as a slot machine.

"It's similar to the 'Wheel of Fortune'

slot machine," McGill said. "You spin and the wheel determines the

point. You pull the handle and if you hit 4-5-6, you win money. The amount you

win is determined by the manufacturer. All I did was give them the concept.

We've also been taking meetings in Las Vegas for the concept as well."

The concept of taking the street game to the

casinos even sparked the interest of Roc-A-Fella CEO's Dame Dash, Kareem "Biggs"

Burke and Jay-Z.

"We put it on the table with what we had.

Jay-Z was like 'C-Lo in the casino? That's hot!' It didn't work out, but Dame

was cool and he left the doors open for me to do a deal with him. They liked

the idea because it's hot."

With Hip-Hop being so prominent in today's culture,

McGill believes his timing is right to introduce the game to mainstream gambling


"Corporate America in the casino industry

doesn't understand the influence and commanding power of the Hip-Hop demographic.

We are professionals now. We are going to get our turn. The CEO's that are coming

up now are young. They won't be able to keep this game out of the casino's for

long, it's too popular, we have a whole culture behind us."

Gameologist Group is seeking investors. Interested

parties can email McGill at jessiMcgi@aol.com

or visit http://www.gameologistgroup.com/