Dictionary.com Adds 300 New Words Include Dabbing And Slay

Dictionary.com has been updated with over 300 new words and definitions from news and fashion trends.

(AllHipHop News) Black Lives Matter, clicktivism, alt-right, 420, and kush are words that were added from news stories and other popular headlines.

They have also pulled some words from art, food, and fashion trends. Some of these include the “dabbing” dance made popular by Migos,

Other words like Cold brew, superfood, and cat cafes were included as food trends that have become popular in America.

K-Pop, Korean pop music, has been gaining momentum, so that has also been added in the dictionary.

With the recent release of two new “Star Wars,” science fiction is coming back into the forefront, therefore lightsaber has been included.

Terms that apply to a man’s hair and body, “dad bod” and “man bun” have also become popular enough to be added.

They also have included popular slang terms such as slay, smackdown, bitchface, and struggle bus.