Did 6ix9ine Finally Admit His Gangsta Persona Is Just Him Trolling?

The self-proclaimed "King Of New York" addresses some of his controversies.

(AllHipHop News) Is 6ix9ine the next rap superstar? Or is he just an internet troll who will be irrelevant by next year? Those are questions Hip Hop followers have been asking for months, and the controversial Brooklyn native gave some insight into the answers in a new interview.

While appearing on The Breakfast Club, 6ix9ine reinforced his often repeated statements that he sees himself as the "King of New York," that he "can't be touched," and that he is a Blood gang member. However, the "Gummo" rapper also confessed he purposely irritates his foes to make a point, and he likely gave the most clear-cut admission that he's actually just trolling the world.

"I want to make an example... The reason for the rainbow hair, the reason for the rainbow teeth - I'm literally showing the industry that all that fake gangsta sh-t - cut it out, blood," stated Tekashi69. "Look how stupid I look right now. I got a big ass '69' on my face with rainbow hair."

He continued, "I'm literally sitting hearing talking about all these people wanting to beef with me and all these people calling me out. How stupid do they look? I'm literally the one getting under their skin and making them act out of character. Gangstas don't even say what they're gonna do, they do it."

6ix9ine was also questioned on why he did not perform at his headlining SXSW show where J. Prince Jr. and his crew showed up to apparently confront the 21-year-old entertainer. The Mexican/Puerto Rican admitted he did not hit the stage in Austin because he felt the situation was not safe for him.

"It's started looking like a set-up to me," said the Day69 creator. "I said, 'Wassup with the security? They allowing that? How am I supposed to give your venue, your crowd a good performance?' I'm supposed to be looking over my back while I'm performing? I'm not about to get 'WorldStarred' on a WorldStar stage."

Even though he regularly mentioned his current Billboard chart success, 6ix9ine suggested he could retire from the rap game by 2019. That was before Charlamagne Tha God reminded him that he was being challenged to still be around a year from now.

"I'll be out until 2020. When Bobby Shmurda comes back, I'll give everything to him," quipped Tekashi.

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