Did Cardi B Respond To Nicki Minaj's Payola Accusations Using "OTR2" Footage?

Chun-Li is accusing Bardi of illegally paying for her career.

(AllHipHop News) The Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B saga added another layer yesterday when Nicki used her Queen Radio show to slam Cardi. During the broadcast, Minaj claimed her rival "built her career off sympathy and payola."

While Bardi Gang members will say the Bronx rapper gained a huge online following because of her videos on Instagram and grinding on the club circuit for years, the payola charge is something Nicki's Barbz have repeatedly thrown at Cardi. The chart topper may have responded to the accusations with a new Instagram video.


Yesterday, Cardi posted a clip of a stadium full of fans rapping along to her 6-time platinum hit "Bodak Yellow." The caption for the vid reads, "[Beyoncé and Jay-Z's] On the run 2 tour!!! REAL LIFE, REAL LOVE."

The wording in the IG caption is similar to Cardi's acceptance speech at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards. While picking up the trophy for Best New Artist in August, she told the audience, "All the love that my fans, my friends, everybody shows me is genuine, is beautiful. That's something that God gives me that you can't buy, b*tch."

Some observers speculated Cardi's message at the VMAs was directed at Minaj who had been doing interviews suggesting that getting a push from a label does not make an artist "great." Nicki has not provided any definitive proof that Cardi or Atlantic Records is involved in payola, which is illegal.