Did Frank Ocean Ban His Dad From L.A. Under the Penalty of Death?

AllHipHop Staff

Did Frank Ocean threaten the life of his own father? That's what his Dad says in legal filings.

(AllHipHop News) Frank Ocean’s father Calvin Cooksey alleges he’s received death threats after filing a libel action against his son.

Earlier this year, Calvin sued his son over claims he had verbally abused a transgender waitress.

According to editors at TheBlast.com Calvin has filed legal papers claiming he cannot travel to Los Angeles for a deposition as he has received death threats.

He states the threats he has received, as well as his status as someone who has given evidence in a previous murder trial, mean that it impossible to make a deposition without a security detail.

Calvin sued his son over a blog post in which Frank, who is openly gay, claimed his dad called a transgender waitress a “f##got” and dragged him out of the diner she was working in.

The "Thinkin’ ‘Bout You" musician’s father is demanding $14.5 million in damages as he insists his son’s story is false and that he has suffered financially and professionally as a result of his son’s allegations.

In response to his father’s lawsuit, Frank stated his original essay “speaks for itself,” and stood by his tale.