Did GoldLink Confirm The Sheck Wes Abuse Allegations With "Justine's Interlude"?

Justine Skye reacts to the 2015 XXL Freshman Class member's song with an emoji.

(AllHipHop News) For months, the collective internet has speculated that Justine Skye was a victim of domestic violence committed by Sheck Wes. The Roc Nation signee did not directly name the Harlem-bred rapper as her abuser, but it seems GoldLink is pointing a finger at the "Mo Bamba" hitmaker.

GoldLink performed “Justine’s Interlude” on the YouTube channel COLORS. The song's lyrics appear to include subtle references to Sheck Wes and Justine Skye's rumored tumultuous relationship.

"So many stories about you and so and so who from Harlem. And ain’t too many from Harlem, so take a guess," rhymes GoldLink. He later adds, "I’m tired of hearing about if this n*gga put hands on ya, tired of tryna smile through sh*t that’s affecting us." Justine Skye tweeted a black heart emoji (🖤) in response to "Justine’s Interlude."

Last November, Skye tweeted, "I never said who it was because I knew it wouldn’t matter to a lot of you.. it’s just something for you to talk about today. That’s just the reality of it. But I made a video about it in hopes that it can inspire someone else [to] get away [from] their abusive partner. That was my goal."

That Twitter message was posted a month after the Brooklynite released the music video for "Build" featuring Arin Ray. The visuals tell the "based on true events" story of a woman being assaulted by a boyfriend.

The day before "Justine’s Interlude" arrived on YouTube, Sheck Wes tweeted, "Nah bro people be really hating cause they hate when other people love you and they don’t know why 😂😂😂."