Did Meek Mill Respond To Nicki Minaj's Claims Of Being Abused By A Boyfriend?

Is the Philly rapper suggesting his ex is mentally ill?

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Minaj has been teasing her biographical documentary for months. Yesterday, the Queen album creator uploaded clips from the film to her Instagram page.

The footage features Nicki discussing her history of allegedly being in a destructive relationship. However, she was not specific about which former boyfriend was supposedly abusive.

"I remember when my mother would let my father be violent with her. And she always brings up this story - as a little girl, I would stand in front of my mother and go like this," said Nicki as she extended her arms out.

She added, "Maybe some people would describe me as abrasive or bitchy or whatever because I vowed from that age no man would ever abuse me, call me out my name, treat me like that, and all of a sudden that was my life."

The 35-year-old New York native went on to say "one human being" damaged her self-esteem. Her ability to create music was supposedly affected by the situation as well.

While Minaj didn't mention his name, Meek Mill appeared to respond to the video on Twitter. The "Stay Woke" emcee posted a meme from a "Narcissistic Abuse Lifecoach" Instagram account which suggested some mentally ill people play the victim to get sympathy from "their fan club."

Besides Meek, Nicki has also dated Safaree Samuels and Nasir Jones. Safaree claimed Nicki cut him when they were together, and Nas has been accused of abusing his ex-wife Kelis which he has denied. Neither Safaree nor Nas have publicly addressed Minaj's allegations.

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Bingo @Meek. This wench is a foul being. Professional Victim