Did Someone Just Pay $1 Million For A "Fake" Wu-Tang Album?

AllHipHop Staff

Martin Shrekli is facing up to 20 years behind bars after being convicted of fraud, but was he swindled himself?

(AllHipHop News) Someone apparently paid seven figures for a "fake" Wu-Tang Clan album auctioned off by Martin Shkreli.

The "Pharma Bro" who had his $5 million bail revoked in his fraud case last week for threatening Hillary Clinton, may have been duped into paying $2 million for a "one of a kind" Wu-Tang Clan album, which turns out may not be so rare.

According to a report in Bloomberg , various reps for members of Th le Wu-Tang Clan who are featured on the album said they had no idea an album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin was being recorded.

"The way he [producer Cilvaringz] presented it was it was going to be basically his album, and he wanted me to do some work for him," said rapper Killa Sin, who is featured on the release which is the most expensive album ever sold.

U-God's manager was even more direct with Bloomberg:

“It’s not an authorized Wu-Tang Clan album, It never was," Domingo Neris said.

James Ellis, an industry vet and longtime manager for Method Man, also suggested the verses were supposed to before a Cilvaringz album.

The news that the Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album may not be so rare, comes on the heels of the album being auctioned off on eBay.

Earlier this month, before he was jailed Martin Shrekli put the album up for auction on eBay, for $1.

Bids soon surpassed the million dollar mark and according to the eBay listing, the Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album has officially been sold for $1,000,025.