Diddy Accused Of Threatening Photographer, Taking Camera

A 25-year-old filed a police report against Sean

"P. Diddy" Combs, claiming he was roughed up by bodyguards, after

he snapped a picture of the mogul at the opening of a new Miami nightclub.

Shane Emenheiser went to the February 21 opening

of the Mansion night club in South Beach. According to a police report, he saw

Combs around 2:00 AM in the VIP section with his entourage.

Emenheiser snapped a picture and the mogul allegedly

approached him and said “I will throw you over the balcony if you take

another picture.”

Emenheiser replied "What?" in a confused

manner at which time Combs allegedly reiterated his threat. “Take one more

picture, and I’ll throw you over the f*cking balcony.” Combs then

walked away.

Emenheiser claims that Combs' bodyguards approached

him and tried to take his camera. When he resisted, a bodyguard grabbed him

by the neck and took the camera from him.

Emenheiser claims he was taken to an officer

where the bodyguards took his name and number and then kicked him out of the


When police arrived to question Combs about the

incident, Combs had already left. Police are still investigating the incident.

Emenheiser stated he simply wants his camera

back, but a lawyer told him that without any physical evidence, there wasn't

much he could do.