Diddy Addresses Top Tech Execs At Wireless Conference

Sean "P. Diddy"

Combs gave the keynote speech today (March 14) at the CTIA Wireless 2005 convention

in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Combs, donned in a grey

business suit adorned with yellow diamond cufflinks, addressed a suit and tie

crowd of wireless executives and forecasted the future of the wireless industry.

"I'm not a morning

person; I'm never up this early. I've been doing my thing in records, films

while y'all playin' with your phones," Combs said as the crowd chuckled.

Jokes aside, Combs told

the crowd of tech executives that youth culture and Hip-Hop in particular, was

responsible for the boom in the wireless business.

"The culture has become

the dominant influence on youth culture today," Combs explained. "It’s

that culture that has been the first to embrace new technology. First the pager,

then the cell phone and now it’s the picture/video phones.”

Combs stated that Hip-Hop

culture specifically, has generated billions of dollars for the wireless industry

each year, through ringtones, ringbacks, content and other offerings available

to the hundreds of millions of wireless users around the globe.

Combs called for unification

in certain areas of the wireless industry, which saw a number of high profile

mergers and acquisitions in the last year.

"[We need] standard

formats, standard rights and standard transaction methods to make it easy for

every kid with a phone to know, use and buy."

CTIA is one of the mobile

industry's largest trade organizations and is hosting the conference, which

started March 13th and ends March 16th.

In addition to

Combs, a number of high profile Hip-Hop entrepreneurs and executives are attending

the event, which will include performances, including Hip-Hop acts Trillville,

Juvenile and Mike Jones.