Diddy After More Liquor Money With New Brandy Business

Diddy could return to the top of the Forbes richest rapper's list with his new venture.

(AllHipHop News) Sean 'Diddy' Combs is getting into the brandy business.

The rap mogul and entrepreneur and his partners at Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka have launched Ciroc VS fine French brandy.

"I thrive on opportunity," Diddy says in a statement. "Ciroc consumers drink aged brown spirits alongside Ciroc Vodka, so it was obvious that it was time to take Ciroc further than it had ever gone. Ciroc VS is changing the game."

The new brandy was produced in the South of France, under the direction of master distiller, Jean Sebastien Robicquet.

"A selection of each harvest is distilled in traditional Alembic copper pot stills for unparalleled smoothness and matured in French oak barrels," a press release reads. "Ciroc VS is then masterfully blended using exceptional aged brandies, resulting in a luxurious taste profile featuring rich notes of fresh fruit, vanilla and a hint of French oak. Ciroc VS can be enjoyed year round neat or on the rocks and in its signature cocktails, The Rising Sun and the Ciroc Sidecar."

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Puff Daddy doesn't own a dime of Ciroc. A trash ass brandy making company that's been passing their unmatured grapes off as vodka for years. Its the same product as remy v.


DUDDY continuing to profit off the POISONING of the Youth, wrecking lives, destroying families with alcohol, creatin' deaths with drunk drivers & shootin' while drunk, with his 'trendy' marketing of this POISON! #FckDuddySadBoy