Diddy And The Lox Settle Publishing Dispute

The Lox and Bad Boy mogul Sean ”Diddy” Combs have settled a music publishing dispute after a furious on-air clash that was broadcast on Hot 97 last month.

by Houston Williams

Group members Styles P and Sheek re-appeared on Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 radio show today in a state of euphoria.

“What he did was sweet. He came back [with his offer] and I almost jumped out my seat,” Styles P said to Angie Martinez. “Basically, he gave us all our publishing back. He didn’t have to do what he did. In the business world, what he did, was like a four-leaf clover. The results was great.”

Styles said both parties assembled today with their lawyers and made a mutually satisfactory decision in a 45-minute meeting.

“What he did for us, he didn’t have to do. What he did for us was splendid. He made it so much easier. He made our business beautiful,” Styles continued.

After the initial clash on November 16 and Diddy’s response, Styles said he talked to his former CEO on the phone and had a frank conversation.

“Before the [legal] meeting I spoke to him over the phone. He said, ‘I want to meet up, look y’all in the eye and speak as men. The bottom line is we can fix it.’” Furthermore, Styles said that their whole quarrel was a “miscommunication.”

“What he was saying was true, but what we were saying was true,” the Yonkers native asserted. “Its an argument where you could say both sides were right. It was grown man, eye to eye.”

Prior to the resolution, Styles said The Lox’s living conditions were “uncomfortable” and an “irritating situation to be in.” Additionally, he apologized profusely for their initial public dispute and remarks that could have been perceived as threats.

Styles implored that other rappers should be mindful of their business dealings and to understand their worth as entertainers.

“I think the problem with the whole game is artists don’t stand for themselves,” he said.

Sean “Diddy” Combs wasn’t available for comment at press time.