Diddy Channels Frank Sinatra In New Ad Campaign

In what Sean “Diddy” Combs has dubbed a “sophisticated celebration,” the mogul and his business partner CIROC premium vodka launched an advertising campaign with musical assistance from legend Frank Sinatra.

Combs and CIROC, one of the few worldwide companies that makes its vodka from grapes, kicked off the official “Art of Celebration” ad campaign this week.

The commercials feature Combs hosting a “Rat Pack” styled party at one of Sinatra’s California homes.

Throughout the 15-30 second spots, the revered singer’s “Come Fly With Me” plays throughout.

Ever the student of music history, Combs revealed that Sinatra’s personal style and class was a positive and integral influence early in his career.

“Frank Sinatra is one of my heroes,” Combs explained to AllHipHop.com. “It was truly an honor to have had the opportunity to use Sinatra’s work and home for this campaign. He defined sophisticated celebration as a lifestyle generations ago. I couldn’t imagine a spirit more appropriate for such occasions today than CIROC, a brand that has become synonymous with celebration.”

Aware that the coming holiday season brings many tragedies from drunk driving, Combs emphasized that this vodka campaign will make a concerted effort to champion the importance of responsible alcohol consumption.

“My friends are very important to me,” Combs stated. “Whenever we celebrate, I make sure we are celebrating responsibly. I hope anyone who enjoys CIROC and enjoys sophisticated lifestyle does the same.”

The “Art of Celebration” commercial spot is below: