Diddy In Trouble Over Penguins

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entrepreneur Sean “P. Diddy” Combs is under fire once again, this

time by animal activists who were outraged to find that live penguins were used

as props at a recent Miami event he hosted.

Representatives from People

for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) were shocked upon discovering six penguins

floating in a swimming pool at Hotel Victor’s grand opening at South Beach,

because the animals are only acclimatized to artic temperatures.

The group has since criticized

Combs and the organizers behind the event and may press charges of animal cruelty.

“Penguins live in

very cold climates, so the heat was probably unbearable for them,” PETA

spokesperson Michael McGraw exclaimed to Page Six. “They're very sensitive

to temperatures, so if it was as hot as we've heard, it's a wonder they didn't

collapse. In any case, they were likely terrified. We are now looking into whether

having the penguins there broke any cruelty-to-animals laws. We're asking anyone

who was at the party to call us with any information.”

In defense, Combs publicist

Rob Shuter has stood up for the Combs, claiming that it wasn’t his idea

to display the penguins at the gala and he merely served as a host for the event.

Representatives for Hotel

Victor alleged that the penguins were actually “warm-weather” animals

from South Africa that were “trained specifically for entertainment, expositions

and television commercials.”

As of press time,

calls to Bad Boy were unreturned in relation to the matter.