Diddy Launches Bad Boy Latino With Emilio Estefan

Sean Combs AKA Diddy, CEO of Bad Boy Entertainment and 14-time Grammy winner Emilio Estefan will bridge the gap with Bad Boy Latino.

Bad Boy Latino will be the two moguls new musical joint venture.

"The Latino market in the US is such a beautiful, diverse, and powerful market," Combs said. "I'm blessed to have a partner like Emilio."

Emilio Estenfan is known for his Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Ricky Martin and others and is also the husband of singer Gloria Estefan.

"As minorities, it is always our dream to merge our cultures and showcase to the world the talent that comes from both Latin music and Hip-Hop," Emilio Estefan said. "I hope that together,we can create a new cultural movement that unites these audiences."