Diddy Launches I am King Fragrance; Links Scent With Barack Obama

With the launch of his newest men’s fragrance on the horizon, Sean “Diddy” Combs is utilizing president-elect Barack Obama to promote the scent, in an effort to redefine the perception of African Americans.

The Wall Street Journal reports the rap mogul will appear in a black-and-white ad for the new I am King fragrance.

The ad will be featured in magazines and on billboards across the country in December.

Dressed as a black James Bond, Combs wears a white dinner jacket as he is seen on jet skis, in casinos and aboard a yacht on the French Riviera.

Although the ads could come across with being out of touch with the current economy, Combs maintains that the promotion is reflective of what he labeled as an “affordable indulgence.”

“Everything on the market isn’t going to be attached to the bad economy,” he said. With Obama’s historic victory over Republican rival John McCain, Combs believes the time is now for marketers to shift their perception of the urban black male from the stereotypical person with lots of “bling,” to one of successful black men such as himself and Obama.

“It’s a new America and it’s our time,” the 39-year-old executive and avid Obama supporter told the Journal, adding that he plans to connect I am King and the president-elect, while promoting the scent on a series of TV talk shows.

As Obama prepares for his inauguration as the nation’s 44th president in January, talk among ad executives has centered around how the election could change advertising to and about African Americans.

I am King follows Combs’ previous fragrance Unforgiveable.

The scent, which debuted in 2006, has gone on to join the mogul’s Sean Jean clothing line as a popular brand among consumers.

To date, Sean Jean generates annual retail sales of about $525 million.

Priced at $57, Combs’ I am King fragrance will be sold at Macy Inc. stores, just in time for the holidays.