Diddy Ordered To Pay 35k Per Month In Child Support

Sean “P. Diddy”

Combs lost his court battle with the mother of his first child, fashion stylist

Misa Brim and has been ordered to pay $35,000 a month in child support.

The decision was

released in a 13-page decision by a Westchester County, New York Family Court

judge yesterday (October 5th).

The ruling is based

on Combs’ yearly income of almost $50 million dollars. Additionally, Combs

must pay more than $398,000 in retroactive support and all medical, dental and

educational expenses for Justin.

The monthly payments that

Combs pays to his children are believed to be the highest amount of child support

paid out in the entire country.

Combs’ lawyer

labeled the decision a “gross abuse of discretion by the court,”

and vowed to appeal the case.

Last month Combs spoke about

Brim and questioned her motivations for requesting an increase in her child


Combs said that Brim wanted

the same amount that he pays to his current love interest Kim Porter, who bore

his second son Christian.

He added that Brim

wanted more money because she was going through a divorce and labeled the payments

“adult support.”

Combs added that it was

not realistic for anyone to think any of his children would ever want or need

for anything.