Diddy & Random House Settle, Random House Not Publishing Memoirs

Publishing company Random House announced today (July 13) that they have settled

a dispute with Sean “P. Diddy” Combs over royalties advanced to the

mogul for his memoirs.

The company filed the lawsuit

against the mogul on February 14, claiming that Combs never repaid an advance

issued in 1998 for his autobiography, which was to be delivered the following


The memoirs were to be written

for Random House’s Ballentine imprint with contributing Rolling Stone

writer Mikal Gilmore, but the book never materialized.

Shortly after the lawsuit

was announced, Combs’ publicist Rob Shuter said the lawsuit was a simple

misunderstanding between Combs and Random House.

"We anticipate that

this will be resolved quickly," Shuter said in February.

Random House spokesman Stuart

Applebaum told Reuters that Random House will not be publishing Combs’