Diddy Responds To Mounting Jet Controversy

Rap mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs has issued a statement regarding the recent web controversy created by a Palm Beach Post article about the ownership of the private jet he uses.In a tongue-in-cheek YouTube post labeled as an “extra” to his now famous “Diddy Blog,” the producer-turned-reality TV star poked fun at the maelstrom.“For the record, here is the truth: my jet is listed under the name Ciroc Obama,” Combs dead-panned. “And I do not own the whole jet, I only own a wing. I could not afford the whole jet. [But] it’s my wing! I worked hard for that wing!”The statement comes two days after an article in the Palm Beach Post reported the results of an investigation into an August post in which Diddy announced to fans that he was returning to commercial flying,because “gas prices are too motherf*****g high.”The announcement was prefaced by Diddy explaining that recent cross-continental flights were costing him over $200,000 roundtrip due to the rising cost of gas.“A thorough review of federal records shows that no plane in this country is registered to a Sean Combs or any of the part-time Miami Beach resident’s numerous companies,” the Post article said.Writer Jose Lambiet even dispelled Diddy’s price estimate, quoting a “private aviation spy” who placed the cost of an East-to-West Coast trip closer to $100,000.Obviously taking the scrutiny in stride, Diddy left viewers of the post with one final piece of advice, leaving the impression that he doesn’t intend on explaining the purported discrepancy any further.