Diddy Reveals He's Never Sought Therapy After Biggie Shooting Death

AllHipHop Staff

The Bad Boy mogul opened up in the April issue of GQ.

(AllHipHop News) Sean "Diddy" Combs aka "Love," is the most successful entertainer in the entire music business.

But, back in 1997, the rapper suffered from a traumatic incident, when the SUV his artist Christopher "The Notorious B.I.G." Wallace was traveling in was shot up.

The shocking murder of The Notorious B.I.G. has been the subject of numerous investigations, countless stories, T.V. show and movies.

Amazingly, Diddy has never had to seek therapy after the shooting, even though he suffered from a bout of depression.

"I haven't dealt with any of that yet. I try to get into it, but...that's something that just hurts so bad," Diddy said. "That's a time that's still suppressed.”

Instead of seeking help, Diddy said he decided to reinvent himself multiple times and has developed a winning, positive attitude, which is showcased daily on his Instagram feed.

It can also be found in his latest reincarnation as "Brother Love."

“I think I've developed a mentorship relationship with the world," Diddy continued. "God sent me here to inspire.”

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