Diddy's Ex Seeks Child Support Increase

The mother of P.Diddy's eldest son, Misa Hylton-Brim, testified in Family Court yesterday in an attempt to increase the amount of child support she receives from the hip-hop mogul.Hylton-Brim is seeking $30,000 a month, up from the $5,000 a month she currently receives.Her lawyer claimed the desired amount is equivalent to what Diddy pays in child support to Kim Porter, the mother of his second child (Christian Combs)."This child's needs specifically relate to his father being who he is,'' the lawyer told the courtroom.According to Hylton-Brim and her lawyer, the current amount of child support doesn't sufficiently cover expenses for the child, which includes a full-time nanny, security detail, and private school tuition.P.Diddy and Misa Hylton met in Mount Vernon, New York and dated in the early '90s.They have one child together, Justin Combs, whose namesake represents Diddy's successful restaurants in Manhattan and Atlanta.